Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing is an excellent process that removes fine particulate matter that is suspended in the fuel as well as water. If analysis does not indicate any significant collection of debris and sediment on the
bottom of the tank, Fuel Polishing may be the answer:

  • Two tubes are placed in your fuel tanks. One tube (a suction line) is placed near the bottom of your tank and another tube (a discharge or return line) is held near the surface of the fuel supply at the opposite end of the tank from the suction line.
  • The fuel is circulated slowly from the bottom of the tank to the top through a series of two particulate filters, a ten micron “sock filter”, and coalescent filter (to remove water and allow sediments to fall out of solution)
  • The filtering process continues until the entire volume of fuel has been given sufficient time to pass through the polishing process.
  • The process is monitored by pressure gauges and filters changed during the process as needed based on the condition of your fuel.