Fuel Exchanging

Our newest program of fuel exchanging can assist your organization by minimizing the need to dispose of costly Diesel Fuel that has degraded to the point of it being unsuitable for use in your Emergency Power Systems. This program is ideal for organizations that have both static sources (Emergency Power Supply
Systems) and fleet fueling sites. The Program works like this:
  • The Diesel Fuel from your static sources (generators) is analyzed for integrity and ability to provide reliable service. Fuel that has been stored for extended periods of time with little attention may have degraded to the point of being inadvisable for use.
  • If the fuel is still within ASTM specifications, the fuel is filtered and removed from your static source to our truck mounted storage tank. An inspection of the inside of the tank and a bottom sample taken prior to removal may indicate the need for a tank cleaning as well.
  • The removed fuel is polished through a series of three filters to remove sediment and water and blended with the fuel in your fleet fueling tanks. This fuel is consumed quickly in your vehicles or equipment before it has a chance to degrade.
  • New fuel is placed in your static sources and the process is repeated at desired intervals (about once a year) to constantly provide you with a reliable fuel source for all your needs.

In a closed loop system such as this, your Diesel Fuel never gets to the point of compromising your
ability to provide uninterrupted service during extended operations and power outages.