Tank Cleaning

Should a bottom sample from your fuel tank indicate a significant amount of sediment, a tank cleaning may be the appropriate solution. Here’s how it works:

  • The fuel is removed from your tank, filtered, and placed in a holding tank on our truck. Fuel is drawn first from the surface and continues to be drawn from the surface until our technicians visualize the fuel becoming darker and less clear.
  • The removal process then continues with drawing the sediment and fuel from the bottom of the tank and placing it in a waste holding tank. This fuel will be considered unusable and we will dispose of the contaminated fuel with an approved environmental contractor.
  • The fuel tank is scrubbed with stainless steel brushes to loosen any debris that has adhered to the sides and bottom of the tank. We also use clean diesel fuel under pressure to wash the interior surfaces of the tank.
  • The debris and contaminated fuel from the cleaning and scrubbing process is removed and placed in the waste holding tank.
  • The good fuel is returned to your tank after it passes through three more filters – two particulate filters and a water removing filter.

    SFS cleaning a 15,000 gallon Diesel Tank